All You Ever Wanted to Know About German Poker Pro Fedor Holz

Hi! We know why you are here. You must be a poker player or poker lover (which is not quite the same thing, but anyway!) Or, maybe you are a fan of Fedor Holz – one of the best poker players of our time. Not you? C’mon, everybody who has heard about Fedor Holz (aka CrownUpGuy!), and about his almost unbelievable success story just has to be his fan, in one way or another.

All You Ever Wanted to Know About German Poker Pro Fedor HolzIt is quite natural for us all to wonder how such things are possible at all: $32,556,377 live earnings, $6,000,000 best live cash, #4 in the All Time Money List – and all that is only a summary of what this 25-year-old young man has achieved in the past few years. Many eyes around the world are fixed on Fedor Holz with this very question in mind. There are not many such stories around, and probably our world needs more stories like this one, actually!

But how did he do it? Was there some secret tricks he used, or even special technology? Did he invent a new way to play poker? Or is he just a genius somehow able to read the cards he does not see? And another question, of course, is how a young man of his age can handle all the stress and pressure involved, especially at all these high-roller tournaments and world series of poker when there are millions at stake…

We are going to try to answer these questions, and some other simple questions too, on this website; a website created by a team of enthusiasts, fans and poker lovers. But we fully realize that while dealing with a phenomenon like Fedor Holz, there can be no simple questions. So there cannot really be simple answers either!

The only thing we can do is to simply make an attempt to better understand this phenomenon – his personality, his poker and off-poker behavior, his life and his priorities, and the ideas he is trying to develop and to implement.

Here we are tackling an agenda which is much wider than poker, per se. So, we are going to examine some promising business ideas Fedor Holz is developing; as well as his mindset and mental enhancement practices, which he uses to unlock the hidden potential of the mind. And of course, we also need touch upon some aspects of his personal life – essentially, we’re going to do everything you would do, if you wanted to find out more about this unusual phenomenon of our time.

We know you just can’t wait! Nor can we!

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