Poker Star Fedor Holz Invests in eSports Company Envy Gaming

fedor holz invests in esport

Fedor Holz is poker player and one of the world’s most famous professionals who has made an investment with Envy Gaming Inc., recently acquiring a minority stake in the company. The exact size of the acquisition has not been disclosed to the public. We only know that Holz has become a minority shareholder in the company. This news has provoked a lot of interest; since both the investor and the company, in a way, represent a substantial change that the gaming industry is currently experiencing.

Envy Gaming Inc. is the parent company of eSports outfits Team EnVyUs and Dallas Fuel. The acquisition took place in the second quarter of the 2017 fiscal year. This clearly indicates that Fedor Holz, aka @CrownUpGuy, is set for some real entrepreneurial success in eSports, which is going to be his new area of activity.

The words “CrownUpGuy” and “success” now seem inseparable in recent times; especially since Fedor Holz has now won a string of poker tournaments, one after the other – and not only has he won, them, but he has also put in some almost unbelievable performances, winning about $32 million over the course of several years. And despite having announced his early retirement, he has nevertheless continued playing, and still wins quite a lot; occasionally showing up on some high-roller events, though not on an ongoing basis as a full-time grinder. He has been concentrating on the development of some other matters: and out of all these, eSports seems to have become one of his key priorities!

Why Envy?

People might remember CrownUpGuy wearing a “Team EnVyUs” jersey in 2016 at the final table of a One Drop WSOP tournament that he won. His interest in Envy was not at all spontaneous. Fedor Holz has made friends with former Envy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Nathan “NBK” Schmitt. Thanks to Nathan, Fedor began communicating with the Envy CEO, Mike “Hastr0” Rufai. This communication soon led Fedor Holz developing an ever-growing interest in eSports business in general; as well as inspiring him with a wish to join Envy in particular. There are many reasons for this decision.envy

CrownUpGuy’s explanation of his investment plans runs as follows: he wanted to invest in something he was emotionally connected to – in order to maximize both his contribution and his gains. Fedor Holz really appreciated the way Envy worked, built up the infrastructure and the team, and took care of their players. So in light of all of this, becoming part of Envy one day would seem to be the logical decision!In 2016, Team EnvyUS, sometimes also referred to as “Boys in Blue,” attracted even more public attention after it was awarded the annual eSports Team of the Year at the NowTV ESports Industry Awards. This group includes many teams who compete in a range of popular games like Overwatch, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. In 2007, when they started off, there were only two teams playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. But they have grown pretty quickly since then; and they soon became a well-reputed multi-game organization in the eSports world. They have won $4,000 twice the MLG Pro Circuit – National Championship: once in 2008, and another time in 2009.

What CrownUpGuy Might Be Up To

The success story of Envy US team certainly demonstrates the higher number of challenges and a much higher level of competition that young players are currently facing; so  “mindset issues” are clearly a relevant consideration here. Indeed, these issues are of keen interest of Holz, who himself stresses that he owes his unbelievable success to various mindset practices.

Apparently, CrownUpGuy, also feels connected with the young players of Envy – he is young, too, and he knows well enough what all this early pressure and stress for a young player might mean. His ability to handle this pressure has been one of Fedor’s distinguishing characteristics, and it has probably served as a basic precondition for his great success. Besides this: mindset issues or the ways the players approach the game, represent a wide field of action in eSports; as the importance of these factors is generally underestimated there, in comparison with other sports. This means that there is still room for considerably improving the performance of the players – which is surely a welcoming prospect for the entire eSports industry!

Fedor Holz’s interest in mindset techniques was also expressed through an earlier incarnation of Primed Mind, which is an app cofounded with poker mind coach Elliot Roe – the man who had helped Holz to become the widely renowned CrownUpGuy. Primed Mind includes more than 200 mindset recordings and coaching courses on a broad range of mental coaching topics. Fedor Holz is sure to have his mindset app tailored for eSports players. And his investor’s action plan must surely be built around this option. We should expect to see the results of this work pretty soon!

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