Fedor Holz Plans for the Year 2019

Fedor Holz Plans

Twenty-five year old, German poker superstar Fedor Holz has been living in Vienna for the past 6 years, where he moved after he made it to the top of the world’s poker ratings. What are the ambitious goals that a young millionaire and a brilliant poker professional might have set for himself? What is Fedor Holz planning to do in the near future? Here what he is up to.

Holz wants to focus on participation in international tournaments, as well as on developing his own “point of growth” – a small but ambitious pool of creative people and entrepreneurs.

He spent the New Year in the mountains, relaxing, breathing and reflecting on last year’s developments and making plans for the next year. Realizing that time is the most valuable resource, he spent a little time just making sure his future activities are well prioritized, weighed and outlined, and in 2019, he will do only important things.

First of all, reflecting on 2018, Holz says that there were lots of things he enjoyed, and he wants to delve into them again. Secondly, there were things that drained his energy and wasted his time, and he wants to stop these things from happening again. Finally, there are some new things that he definitely would like to try.

Fedor Holz 2019 Task List

Converting all the above mentioned in a plan, the following Fedor Holz 2019 task list has been compiled:
To win a big poker tournament. He did not provide further details, but knowing Fedor and his ambition, a WSOP or PartyPoker Live tour title, or something similar, can be assumed.

  • To keep on building his own team of creatives and entrepreneurs whom he can trust to go after “big things.” For this purpose (and not only for this one), a large space in Vienna to gather ambitious creatives will also be opened. Perhaps his intent to broaden the circle of experts with whom he consults is also a part of going after “great things.”
  • To further consult his self-launched investments and business projects. Other investments are not excluded, and Fedor had stressed that they are not going to be only money-focused.
  • To keep on doing his morning routine, involving physical, mental and spiritual exercises, meditation, a cold shower, etc. His workouts should become even more regular and pain-free, providing him with the full range of necessary motion. This task is closely related to his determination to scientifically track his health and body condition.
  • To optimize and develop his body’s range of motion, he will participate in many different activities, like snowboarding (at least once in 2019), football, hiking and even a board trip – the latter in the company of amazing people, of course!
  • To continue practicing ‘silence retreat’ – as we know, this is one of his favorite tools to keep his mind working properly and to stay centered. He also intends to continue his work with a therapist and regular self-reflection practices. He obviously wants to stay the way he is.
  • To pay attention to the healthy food issue, on which he plans to work with a top chef.
  • To develop his interpersonal skills and attitudes. In his own words, Fedor Holz wants to be vulnerable in relationships, communicate honestly and see his family and friends more often. This intention speaks for itself.
  • To become a good speaker – with the plan to do TED-talk. Well, Fedor Holz has a lot of things to say despite his young age, and his plans related to TED-talks must gladden his numerous fans. He also wants to launch “top-tier poker content.” We shall see whether (or how) him becoming “a better speaker” is related to that content.
  • To learn foreign languages – “Japanese until May” – that is what he said. Not many people are capable of learning foreign languages; but again, knowing Fedor Holz, this could well be expected of him.
  • To work with Elliot Roe on a weekly basis. It is very interesting to hear what Holz says about him. As Fedor admitted earlier, Elliot Roe had a great influence on his poker skills, and even on his life. And now, having reached the highest level of proficiency in poker, Fedor still wants to weekly work with Elliot. It will be intriguing to see where this work might take Fedor to.
  • To dedicate one day to serving others. This comes as no surprise as we know Fedor Holz is not of a selfish kind.
  • To set up his AI-fund and to raise more than $10 million. While there are many AI-initiatives out there, an AI initiative Fedor Holz is backing could well be more promising than the others.
  • To travel around the globe, with stops in Japan, Ottawa, and Moscow.

Having shared all these points, Fedor also added very valuable words: “Maybe this gives you some inspiration for your own journey.” Indeed, this list is inspiring.

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