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Finding the information, tutorials and courses when you need to learn anything does not seem to be a major problem. There are many ways to learn how to play poker, and you can easily find tons of learning materials, theory studies, and meaningful advice. But if you really want to succeed in the game, or just become a better player, you should listen to what Fedor Holz is saying. This is simply because Fedor is one of the best players of our time, and he willingly shares his views about playing  this fascinating game and even a few special secrets!

And no wonder: there are about 1.8k subscribers on his YouTube podcast where Fedor talks about his new poker course. Here he briefly explains his fascinating success story ($32,556,377 total live earnings, $6,000,000 best live cash, over $40,000,000 live and online earning combined in a few years), while constantly emphasizing how he needed complete devotion and concentration on the game he’s been so keen to master. But he especially stresses the importance of changing the environment and surrounding himself with supportive and like-minded people. This helps him a lot in his efforts to make this really rather demanding game a great deal less stressful and just generally more fun!

Success in poker, just like in anything you would try to seriously do in life, is based on utilizing and developing your potential to the greatest possible degree. But the first step is to make this potential accessible to you; or as it were, to unpack it. So that’s why “Unpack Your Potential” is the slogan and the motto of Pokercode.

Pokercode summarises the knowledge and experience of Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinder; the latter is another star of the first magnitude within the poker firmament, with his $7,935,269 of total live earnings, $1,006,060 best live cash and over $10,000,000 in live and online earnings. As Fedor says, apart from winning tens of millions of dollars combined, he and Matthias have made thousands of mistakes. But the analysis they provide and the experiences they share serve as great shortcuts for every aspiring poker player, as they strive to continually improve their skills.

Pokercode contains 60 comprehensive video lectures, all featuring key takeaways. Just don’t be surprised it took that much coverage to finally distil the sublime poker knowledge of these two super high-roller crushers – poker is a complicated game, after all! And by consolidating their experience and knowledge, Fedor and Matthias manage to present an effective “active learning model.” And they do promise us all that with the Pokercode course every beginner is going improve with every minute invested in their studies. The most effective way to study, which quickly takes you to the point where you’re able to minimize your mistakes and boosting your winnings – because isn’t what any wannabe poker star really wants?


And last but not least: if you watch carefully, you can see an electronic piano keyboard just several meters behind Fedor, while he’s talking to the interviewer (Jeff Gross) on Skype. It probably wasn’t put there for any particular reason: it simply outlines the atmosphere of creativity and fun Fedor Holz is building around him!

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