Fedor Holz Strategies

Fedor Holz Strategies

Strategy is one of the most fundamental aspects of any activity we undertake. But this is often misinterpreted: people who talk about strategy are often actually talking about tactics instead! This means that there is already a strategic consideration that has slipped their mind. In poker, the difference between strategy and tactics is significant. If you want to succeed and reach the Fedor Holz net worth, you need a combination of both; otherwise, you will get into trouble.

The Greek word στρατηγία (stratēgia, or art of troop leadership, command, or generalship) means that there is a plan to achieve your high-level goals when the conditions are not clear. This means that strategy development is an art that requires skills and training. What is the strategy necessary to be successful in poker? What strategies does Fedor Holz use?

The Combination of Strategies

You can take advantage of various poker tips. Firstly, you need a poker master plan. What are you anticipating? If you are going to be a successful professional poker player, then this is already a good strategy. But then you have to decide on the other strategies, playing poker online, taking part in tournaments, or showing up in various events — which all depend on many factors.

But before that, you have to carefully develop a training strategy: how to train and for what reason; what kind of coaching you might need, and so on. And after taking part in the tournament, you have to think over the tournament strategy, the plan for this specific competition.

So, we are talking about a combination of strategies that have a significant impact on the tactics of the game that you prefer to use. Many poker players face a lack of connection between the strategies and the tactics, because they do not pay enough attention to the strategy, and focus too much on the actual game.

Fedor Holz’s Learning Poker Strategy

Fedor Holz’s poker strategies deserve careful attention. But he hardly developed them before he started playing poker with his friends just for fun. It was not a strategy, but rather a deep and growing interest in the game.

As he became interested in this issue, which resulted in a strong desire to learn it in detail, the first strategy was built up quite logically. It was to understand the hidden mechanism and inner winning scheme, paying attention to such factors as variance and randomness.

This first learning strategy can be called “learning, analyzing and understanding.” It is needed in any game, and not only for gaming. But in poker, it works the way that you would inevitably donk, sooner or later, if you did not study well. There are two methods of learning poker rules used by Fedor Holz: individual and networking.

It was also a strategy: Fedor understood that in live poker there could be many different opinions and judgments about practically every hand. That is why you need to discuss hands with the people you trust; as your analysis, no matter how profound it is, may be wrong or not good enough. Even if you are a young man with IQ of 155, like Fedor Holz!

Coaching Strategy

The “I Need Coaching” decision is also a strategic one. But the time is important. Fedor Holz had a profile and professional coach when he was active in online poker; and this was a perfect time for him, as he already had some experience. Besides, he had already been noticed as a prospective player, so he got to enjoy both coaching and staking; and his progress ever since then has come on a lot faster!

You may, of course, start taking lessons earlier; and this decision will be a part of your learning strategy, which may also work very well for you. But the experience of Fedor Holz suggests that the right time for a poker lesson is when you are ready to ask “good questions,” and not just “many questions” like newcomers. This part of the learning strategy called “When to Get Coached” could work better if it was planned in time to actually help you! And who knows, maybe Fedor Holz’s coaching offers will be available soon!

General Playing Strategy

The key issue is whether to play online or live; and when and how to choose.

Obviously, for beginners, playing online can be less stressful and more convenient; it can help you acquire new skills and confidence. This strategy was used by Fedor Holz himself. But he used to play a lot with his friends, which gave him an additional advantage in the development of some habits and behaviors that stood him in good stead when he participated in live tournaments later on.

Of course, this does not mean that you should start playing online and then switch to live! Fedor Holz’s world top-class results in both WCOOP and WSOP demonstrate the importance of continuing a professional career in online and live tournaments to help keep your skills up.

One of the most important strategic decision Fedor Holz once made was to play as many live high-roller tournaments as possible. According to him, it increased his chances of winning several major events in a row. It worked, as we know.  Another strategic decision was to “retire,” continuing to play from time to time, concentrating on a few high-roller events — just to have more time for other activities. And it worked too. So, we must admit that Fedor Holz’s strategy is rather effective and can be an example of considered measures in regards of his career.

Fedor Holz playing

Tournament Strategies and Game Tactics

This aspect is one of the most significant. Even professional poker players make tactical mistakes, as they do not pay proper attention to the development of a gaming strategy for a particular tournament. This is the right way to choose the tactics of the game, by taking into account many factors: how close the final table is, the opponents’ behavior, the size of the stakes, the current situation, etc.

The more factors you can analyze and interpret correctly, the better you will get a playing poker. And that is exactly what Fedor Holz does. He knows when to fold, to raise, to bluff, when to play defensively or when to attack, what is the optimal size in a particular moment and so on — as his mind сan simultaneously consider all the factors. And he does that according to his developed tournament strategy.

But once he admitted that he had to adjust his overall game style and become a less aggressive player; because too much opening and three-betting is not good, although many players still do that needlessly.

Of course, Fedor Holz can lose. But the point is to win more often than to lose. For that purpose, it is important to interpret each situation correctly. Look at Fedor Holz — he is not a kind of “spectacular” player, he avoids the unnecessary risks and clearly defines the risks that are acceptable in a particular game situation. But in such a conceptual framework, you need to develop the strategy and stick to it.

Some people believe that Fedor Holz plays his ranges better than other players. Indeed, he is good at constructing and evaluating ranges. But it is not enough to become a poker pro such as Fedor Holz.

It requires the development and use of the full set of training strategies, the selection of the location and method of playing, as well as overall understanding of the best strategy for the particular tournament. And then — development of optimal tactics in a particular situation, with the maximum possible number of factors for making the right decisions. This is far beyond the scope of a game of cards.

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