Fedor Holz: The Story of the First WSOP Bracelet

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If you’re not a part of the world of poker, the name Fedor Holy may not sound familiar to you. But the Texas Hold’em Poker world knows all too well who Fedor Holz is. Besides, his nickname CrownUpGuy certainly rings a bell.

Who is Fedor Holz?

Fedor Holz, aka CrownUpGuy, was born on July 23, 1993. He originates from Saarbrücken, Germany, but lives with his wife in Vienna, Austria. He took up poker when he was at the university. Initially, he used to lose every game but gradually managed to learn, gain enough experience, and develop his excellent skills.

At the age of 18, he took up playing online poker and continued brushing up on his skill. He even started to earn 300–400 EUR a month. His progress was outstanding. In 2012, Pocketfives proclaimed Holz the best MTT player for 2014 and 2015. A respected MTT member recruited him to help him improve and develop his skills. This resulted in winning No Limit Hold’em GPT II Deepstack Series Main Event in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. He won second place and a sum of €15,320.

In 2013, Holz left school and started touring and playing poker. In September, he managed to win as much as $1.3 million winning the No. 1 place at the World Championship of Online Poker. In July 2016, he experienced immense success. Namely, Holz won the World Series of Poker bracelet, which earned him an astonishing $4,981,775.

What on Earth is the WSOP Bracelet?

The World Series of Poker is an extremely important event for all poker players, both professional and enthusiasts. It is normally organized in Las Vegas every year. This is a very prestigious tournament that requires a bit higher stakes, so not everyone can participate. The winner of the tournament gets the WSOP bracelet, along with the enormous sums. The WSOP bracelet is so essential to poker lovers. They even compare it to the Davis Cup in tennis.

wsop main event bracelet

So far, 74 winners have obtained the bracelet, Fedor Holz being one of them. His fans and followers simply felt in their bones that he would grab the opportunity to compete, which he eventually did. His first attempt at the WSOP was back in 2015, but he was not quite successful. He ended up in the 25th place and earned $262,574. Next year, however, was completely different. He took part in the tournament and achieved astonishing results.
2016 WSOP Decisions

The year 2016 was exceptionally fruitful for young Holz as he achieved immense success. However, it didn’t come overnight. Before the WSOP, Holz participated in various tournaments across the world. Not only did he get different sums and experience, but he also earned the exposure. All this paid out at the WSOP tournament in 2016.
That year, he won $111,111 High Roller For One Drop, obtaining the sum of $4,981,775, as well as the famous WSOP bracelet. Upon receiving the award, Holz was almost speechless. He thanked his family, friends, and partner, stating he felt overwhelmed.

However, he used this opportunity to announce his retirement. Namely, the young superstar from Germany stated he would not play poker professionally any longer. Even though he still plays it, it’s with lesser excitement and eagerness than before.

The reason for such a decision is not clearly known. He simply wants to try out and dedicate his life to some other things that will bring him more satisfaction. What those things could be, he is not aware yet. The astonishing sum of $18,051,950 he accumulated in the previous 14 months will definitely allow him to try out anything he wants.

Financial or Emotional Reward?

Taking into account that Holz has earned millions on various tournaments, one may think that the bracelet has no material or financial value for him. However, Holz denies that. He claims completely the opposite — that even the bracelet can be the source of money.
The young gambler claims that both money and the bracelet mean a lot to him, stating that he plays for both. The bracelet is a memory that should be stored carefully so as not to destroy it.

The Key to Success

Holz’s success simply cannot leave anyone indifferent. It’s impossible not to wonder what the secret key could be.
Some claim that that the essence of his overall success lies in the fact he is of German origin. Namely, the Germans are said to be quite systematic and devoted. They invest all their time and energy to explore and study thoroughly all that they’re interested in. As background is highly important, they focus on every detail that needs to be explored.

However, the theory is pointless without practice. Therefore, the Germans take a lot of time to prepare adequately and put into practice everything they have learned. Even if it requires serious and difficult training, they simply never give up.

In terms of poker, Germans are believed to study the rules profoundly, paying attention to every single detail. Besides, they focus on playing as much as possible, trying to put their theory into practice. Complete dedication in terms of studying theory, practicing, and playing must, in the long run, bring astonishing results.
Last year, 4 out of 10 top poker players and earners came from Germany. Is it necessary to add that Fedor Holz was one of them?

Future Goals

Holz is eager to start changing his life. He has not completely stopped playing poker; however, his gaming style has changed. He stills takes part in poker competitions but only in high-roller tournaments. This allows him to earn as much as $6 million a year.

According to Holz, the reason he’s quitting poker is that he does not always feel like playing. There are some occasions when he feels he’s simply giving too much. Poker implies freedom for him, and he does not want to lose it. Also, he feels that he does not progress anymore, and that makes him unhappy. For the time being, he is focusing on the new business he has established along with all other things that make him feel complete. The sums he has earned so far definitely allow him to do whatever he feels is right for him at the moment.

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