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fedor holz interesting facts

Everyone interested in poker surely knows or has heard about Fedor Holz. His outstanding performance in live tournaments and online poker, his excellent results and the almost incredibly short time he has spent to make it all – yes, this explains why so many eyes around the world are fixed on CrownUpGuy, who is the world’s #4 in the All Time Money List, after winning a stunning $32,556,379!

Many people in the world are interested in how he has gained this stratospheric success, and so they have all been focusing on his behavioral and personal traits, his plans and life priorities, as well as on a myriad of small but conspicuous facts and details to shed more light on this phenomenon. But perhaps not many people know much about him. CrownUpGuy clearly does not want to put his life on display. Besides, he is still a young man, as he is only 25 years old. He just has not had enough time to produce enough facts and events of public interest. Or has he? So, let’s immerse into Fedor’s highlights that are able to reveal some inspiring facts about the famous poker star.

Certainties That Are Really Telling


Shall we assume a high IQ? Why not! While still at school, Fedor Holz’s IQ was 155, which is actually very high.  The data says the score of 140 and more is for genius or near genius. More exactly, Fedor Holz IQ 155 is on the verge of being a Nobel Prize winner. However, Fedor Holz admits that has got dumber over the years, as this score gets a little lower over time. But anyway…. With this IQ of 155, he is somewhere in the upper 0.01229 percentile. Which means that we have about 1 in 8130 people living on Earth, altogether about 93’000 people, have an IQ of 155 or higher.

Family Relations

Have you heard that Fedor’s parents did not really object to him playing poker? He grew up in an atmosphere of love and support, in a loving family with three sisters. And when his parents found Fedor's Holz familyout their son was serious about poker, they supported him in his attempt, even though they were not rich, by German standards. This is no longer the case anyway, since Fedor has bought his family a beautiful house, and he is now supporting them. So, this tells us parents should not make obstacles for their kids.

Did you know that Fedor Holz dropped out of university to start his career as a touring professional poker player? And yet, before going for this, he only had a relatively modest list of wins. Can you imagine how tough this decision must have been for him, just a 19-year-old boy; not to mention for his parents? And again, here is the critical issue of acceptance, support, and understanding. It always works!

Mindset Practices

Another thing that always works is mind-opening practices – on top of poker study, of course. Fedor Holz is known for his commitment to such “mental things.” He is deeply interested in psychology and motivation, and in mind-opening secrets of Hindu and Buddhist traditions. But if you think that he just has learned a couple of useful tricks to outsmart other players, you must be wrong. There is no trick to win that much, regularly competing with the toughest professionals in poker tournaments. You need to have your mind work in a different, better way. To achieve this, you need to work hard on this issue and do it in the right way. Not “just practicing.”

Always Winning?

the wins of Fedor HolzDo you think Fedor Holz always wins? Of course, he does not. As he admits, he has lost hundreds of thousands of times. But the key is to get better at handling your defeats; which requires a lot of mental training practices. According to him, his mindset training is the only way to win more often than to lose.

Supporting Other Players

What do you think Fedor Holz is doing in poker? Playing online? Crushing tables on high-roller live tournaments? Not only. He is actively staking. The details are not revealed to the public, but he finds mid-stake poker players, communicates with them in order to find out whether they would do well with him on a personal level, then trains them and enjoy them win.

Why would he do that? Because it is exciting and challenging. He would earn more money if he grinds himself. But staking gives him an additional thrill and satisfaction. It goes far from just finding promising stakes. It is all about supporting the players providing them with his mindset coaching skills. And perhaps you didn’t know that Fedor Holz received staking himself in 2012? And the excellent training he received was actually from a good multi-table tournament (MTT).

What About His Lifestyles?

You must be wrong if you think Fedor Holz is a typical kind of gambler you see in the movies. He lives a healthy life, rarely drinking beer or partying. Fresh air, yoga, meditation practices, fresh tomatoes, breathing exercises, and body control techniques – that is what he spends a good deal of his time doing.

Maybe you have already heard that Fedor Holz is a passionate traveler. There is nothing extraordinary about young and wealthy people who love to travel. But he is one of the 93’000 brightest people in the world, so his interests should be different, even if seemingly similar to the hobbies of other people. In fact, they are. He likes hiking in the mountains. Putting all this together with his strong suit of mental techniques and mind-opening practices, we can conclude that his traveling is about a lot more than just wandering around, taking pictures, buying souvenirs and getting new impressions. Of course, he had traveled a lot, visiting different live tournaments. Being on the poker grind is a tough thing. But he managed to find a moment to visit mountain ranges. And he is sure to do it on a more frequent basis in the near future.

An Altruist Poker Professional?

Have you ever thought of poker professionals as selfish people interested only in winning money? Fedor is not someone like that. He is actively involved in charity work, supporting a project for homeless children in Chile. The project is called Casa Esperanza, which means ‘house of hope.’ And he also provides support for the ‘Give Directly’ project, which helps low-income households in developing countries.

Anything Else, Apart from Playing Poker Games?

Can you think of anything Fedor Holz has mastered well – apart from playing poker? It definitely has to be something else. After all, this young man does not look like someone who is merely focused on one single, all-important thing in life. For example, he dances salsa fairly well, and the video evidence speaks for itself!

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