Fedor Holz Net Worth

fedor holz net worth

It is always interesting to know how much a good professional poker player is able to win! But Fedor Holz is poker player who is not just a good professional playing in world series poker: he is truly outstanding!  And taking into consideration how much he won and how fast he did it — yes, his results are just flabbergasting!

Many people already know the numbers behind his poker career; especially his fans, and those who are constantly keeping an eye on what has been recently going on in poker. They never get tired of reading about his success story, and the dizzying array of wins he’s managed to stack up before now. And even people who don’t really know much about poker would still be surprised to learn that Fedor Holz’s winnings that have been gained in such a short time are even possible at all. So, let’s find out whether Fedor Holz net worth is worth attention.

Current Stats

Total Live Earnings: $32,556,377
Best Live Cash:$6,000,000
All Time Money List:4th

And here’s a list that tells you how fast he achieved this position in the world of poker. This is split into the following criteria: years and continents, tournaments, and money won:

Fedor Holz Poker Results

 WorldEuropeThe Americas Rest of the WorldOceania
Total$32,556,377$4,455,896$21,228,090$6,156,04 $716,349
2018$6,245,765 $6,245,765
2015$3,492,364$1,198,856$2,178,817 $114,691

Let’s check the dynamics. Let’s check the dynamics of Fedor Holz’s poker results. In 2012, winning $19,288 during the first year of professional poker playing was well above all possible expectations for a young 19-year-old man. In 2013, Fedor Holz was already a sensation, and he managed to go one better and win $123,231. Almost doubling this amount in 2014 meant there was a real whiff of good fortune around CrownUpGuy, as he nicknamed himself. His outstanding skills also captured the imagination of a wide (and highly devoted!) audience. On the whole, people expect he is going keep on winning, going from strength to strength in his gambling endeavors; however, there is still an element of doubt here, since he has not played in the Americas yet.

His result in 2015 was an incredible $3,492,364, out of which more than two million were won in the Americas, fixed many eyes on him and gave him a worldwide reputation and recognition.  That was a ticket to the world’s top players’ club where millions are won. But it was not enough for CrownUpGuy. Winning a record of $16,093,401 in 2016 had ensured real for Holz, who was now beingly widely mooted as a poker genius, and probably even one of the best poker players of our time.

Having declared his retirement from poker grind, he nevertheless kept on playing in selected tournaments, still winning more than $6 million every successive year; for example, Fedor Holz net worth in 2018 was more than $6 million, concentrating on high-roller events, which only strengthened the impression that he is a true genius of the game! Sometimes it just seems that Fedor Holz can win anything he wants – whether it is live professional poker event or online tournaments.

Will We Witness Fedor Holz Winning in the Future?

As we can see, Fedor Holz winnings since his record in 2016 have been lower. This fact is easily explained by his “retirement;” or rather, his wise decision to stop being on a full-time tournament grind. Some poker stars like Doug Polk and Fedor Holz retire only to return to playing soon afterward. This can be explained by numerous reasons, starting with stress and the need to relax and ending with the desire to draw attention to themselves. However, if Fedor is going to win about six million a year, as in 2017-2018, and even if somewhat less, concentrating only on a few high-roller tournaments — there’s no doubt he will still be able to keep on climbing the ladder! Just check out the All Time Money List Top, where he is now the 4th.

All Time Money List – Top

1stUnited StatesJustin Bonomo$43,463,091Moved Up$ +10,663,001 (3rd)
2ndCanadaDaniel Negreanu$39,830,195Moved Down$ +224,315 (1st)
3rdUnited StatesErik Seidel$34,601,319Moved Down$ +69,495 (2nd)
4thGermanyFedor Holz$32,556,379Moved Up$ +6,005,500 (6th)

As we see, there is not a huge gap to make up, and the numbers are quite comparable. Everything is possible. Is CrownUpGuy going to climb to 1st position in the list? Is this a big ambition of his? Or does he even really need to anyway? These are big questions for all his fans. One way or another, we’ll find out the answer in a couple of years from now!

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