Primed Mind of Fedor Holz

Primed Mind of Fedor Holz

The story of Fedor Holz, a German pro poker prodigy whose career has recently taken off, has drawn a lot of attention to his style of play, his personality, and his plans — especially after he announced his intention to quit poker! While still participating in some high-roller events around the world, he plans to focus on business development instead; as he is full of new ideas, strategies or even visions that have not been fully disclosed or understood by the public. This, of course, is quite natural for a poker genius — no one knows what is on his mind, even in his post-poker life!

Maybe it is all about ambition! Fedor Holz is an ambitious young man who always sets the following goals. As a teenager who was already very successful in playing online poker, he decided to become one of the best professionals in the world; crushing tables in high-roller tournaments! And he reached that target pretty soon. That is why there is every reason to think that his next goal should be very ambitious, too!

In 2017, at the age of 23, having already moved to Vienna and established an investment group there, he came up with his first after-poker project, which was Primed Mind. It was announced in one of the recent episodes of Joe Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast. As Fedor explained, this idea was closely related to his desire to grow and develop, rather than to chase fame and the money alone. Well, the idea to start the Primed Mind project must undoubtedly have come to a mind which was already thoroughly primed!

The Agenda of Primed Mind

Mindset issues are crucial for a professional poker player. It is a common practice to say that poker requires a strong ability to control emotions, handle stress and tiredness, concentration, etc. No matter how good a player is in game theory, in reading cards and chance weighing — one day this strength would mean nothing if the player loses his grip due to accumulated stress. And this will definitely happen if the player’s mind is not ready for such pressure.

This agenda goes far beyond self-control. In fact, self-control is only one of many effects of a well-trained mind. A positive effect of improving mental functioning is very diverse. So the mind needs to be carefully trained, and it is not an easy task to carry out. That is why, of course, there is a need in advanced, well elaborated and immersive mindset practices.

Primed Mind immersive mindset coaching project offers the clients to follow the path chosen by Fedor Holz — to have a personal mindset coach. This immersive mindset coaching, as Fedor admitted, helped him a lot when he decided to continue his career of a professional poker player and to achieve his goals.

Primed Mind coaching consists of two parts. The first one is aimed at relaxation. Mental relaxation is, indeed, a very crucial issue: a bustling mind, jumping from one point to another, just like a monkey frisking on a tree, is not effective at focusing and problem-solving — which is true not only in poker but in other areas of life too! After some proper relaxation, the second part finally comes: focus on your goals.

Primed Mind audio courses are recorded by mindset trainer Elliot Roe, who used to work with Fedor Holz in the past. This immersive mindset coaching in its 12-minute audio-sessions applies some visualization and goal-setting techniques that have been tested and approved, and their effectiveness has been reliably proven; although some further development is still to be expected, of course.

Practical Purposes

Practical Purposes

A positive impact of Primed Mind can be tracked in almost everything people might do, and in many aspects of their personal lives. It seems that modern life, full of stress and hard-to-face challenges, requires a fundamental shift: today it is necessary to pay much more attention to mindset issues. Many people need to unleash their real potential: students and professionals, businessmen and athletes, artists and performers, and people of almost any profession.

But, of course, poker players represent the core audience, which this project, first of all, appeals to. They all aware that stress and negativity can have a harmful effect on a player’s attitude towards the game, and on the performance. Poker players are constantly struggling with various mindset issues, not knowing how to deal with them. The psychological aspects of the performance are fundamental to the success of the player.

In fact, mindset aspects of poker have long been appreciated by professional poker players. Yoga, psychology, auto-training and positivity training — many approaches have already been tried and tested to help the players stay focused. But finding a universal solution was not an easy task: what worked for one player did not really work for the other. In this regard Primed Mind is a good attempt to help as many players as possible, adjusting the technique to specific needs. Primed Mind even developed a free tutorial for WSOP Main Event designed especially for those who are getting ready for the world’s largest poker event.

Primed Mind Project Development Perspective

The course is offered as a popular mobile coaching application, available in the Apple App Store and the Google App Store. While the primers are free to download, the monthly cost for all the content is $14.99. During the first 24 hours of work, the application was downloaded 2100 times.

The course also targets the confidence issues needed to unleash different kinds of strength that mind might not be used well. Fedor Holz believes that confidence is a skill that helps to develop other skills when mental, physical and emotional powers are properly activated during the respective mindset training. This has a great positive impact and significant habitual improvement noticeable in various activities.

Here we approach the other measurement of business success. Was the project successful? Will it be successful in the near future? Standard criteria are still there: from idea to product, Primed Mind has grown up to about 50’000 users in less than six months. But it is only a part of the story. Setting the trend, having an influence, attracting followers and creating a huge, ever-growing pool of like-minded people — all these things, to name a few, are quite difficult to measure. But all of them are important for the success of a project like Primed Mind, just because it is a new type of startup we usually call “millennial.”

Fedor Holz’s style is up-to-date: he still wears jeans and sneakers, actively works in social networks, conducts live sessions on Facebook and often appears on YouTube along with members of his team, enjoying increasing popularity and, apparently, an influence. Successful enthusiasts who share their positive outlooks, visions, and ideas that they can follow are actually very attractive, and their enthusiasm becomes quite infectious.

This is the power of collaboration. A group of people who share the same ideas and believe in what they do can achieve the results that are unlikely to be achieved if they work alone, or just communicate with each other. That is why the next step of Primed will be launching a workspace in Vienna, designed for collaboration, where new ideas will be generated, and the team members will have a great positive impact on each other. Perhaps it is the best way to meet your objectives and to help others achieve their goals.

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