The Third Annual Darwin’s Circle Conference


Darwin’s Circle is an annual event held in Vienna in Austria, and it has a goal of inspiring and shaping the digital economy. The event is rather new, and this will be the third time that it’s held. There will be over fifty speakers from all over the world. Darwin’s Circle is focused on Central Europe and discussing different challenges and opportunities that the digital age creates.

The event will be held on September 19 at Palais Ferstel, which is a 19th-century mansion that was once a hangout place for Sigmund Freud and Trotsky. There will be over four hundred top executives and experts from the most innovative companies in the world. The visitors will have a chance of getting a glimpse into the strategies of these companies and discussing different topics that are relevant at the moment.

Furthermore, they will share their insights about topics like entrepreneurship, autonomous driving, medicine, ethics, AI, cybersecurity, education, and much more. Among the speakers will be ChaoBin Yang, president of 5G product line at Huawei; Jason Sobel, Head of infrastructure at Airbnb; Fedor Holz, founder and CEO of Under the Tree; and many others.

The main focus of the event will be innovation, and you can apply for the invite-only conference on their website.

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