What Is Pokercode?

Pokercode is a brand new platform that will give you the opportunity to discover the secrets of no-limit Texas Hold’em. While there are many courses and tips available online, this is undoubtedly the most detailed one available. Furthermore, it is run by Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinger. So instead of checking incomplete lessons online, you can be taught by the poker elite.

There are over sixty lessons that cover online and live games and will be able to prepare you for any possible situation you might encounter. Fedor Holz is an expert in the field, with over forty million winnings in both live and online tournaments. Furthermore, he is in the sixth place of the all-time money list as well as a bracelet winner. So being taught by one of the best experts in the world of poker will undoubtedly help.

Of course, that’s not all; Fedor Holz has teamed up with Matthias Eibinger to share their combined knowledge and disclose the secrets you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. All lessons are in video format, and you will be able to profit and avoid the mistakes that they made during their careers. With over fifty million in winnings and numerous tournaments they won, the lessons will help you follow the perfect road toward success in poker tournaments.

The website offers a premium course that uses an active learning model which helped them reach their level of success in tournaments. Furthermore, there will be challenges with each step, and every minute you dedicate to the course will help you improve. Of course, there are also quizzes that will test your skills and knowledge, depending on the level you have achieved.

It is worth mentioning that stats are not the only thing that shows Fedor’s success. One of the best poker players in the world, Maria Ho, has said that she admires the self-motivation Fedor possess and that it was this very characteristic that helped him achieve the highest rank in such a short period. Besides, Erik Seidel has said that Fedor is one of the toughest players he has ever met. He’s even joked that he is happy that Fedor has a new occupation and that Pokercode will keep him off the tables.

Pokercode also gives insight into table-specific situations that you may encounter and reveals the secrets that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

If you choose to join Pokercode, you will be able to boost your win rate and view Game Theory Optimum or GTO solutions. It also offers a detailed positional strategy, guaranteed progress and growth, a special module to help you avoid making expensive mistakes, and many other things.

The program is currently in the prelaunch phase, and you will be able to get a discount if you opt to get access. During the presale, you will get a $200 discount, and the total price is $1,349. Naturally, when Pokercode officially launches, the price will go back to $1,549. If you decide to use the discount now, you will not only get access to the website when it launches, but you will also receive one of the unique packages. Furthermore, you will be gifted a limited-edition hoodie that will never be available again, a Pokercode hat, and many other goodies. All delivery will be sent to your home for free.

You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to get a unique insight into the most popular card game in the world. This will allow you to be taught by legends of the game and perfect your play. Who knows, maybe you will be the next WSOP winner. But hurry, Pokercode launch is just around the corner.

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