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Only a few years back, Fedor Holz was just another “kid” with a passion for a popular card game. Undoubtedly, he had the raw talent and a good understanding of the game to start off. Still, that doesn’t even begin to explain how he managed to climb to the very top of professional poker. Moreover, he did so seemingly effortlessly.

What also contributed to Holz’s success was his ambition and competitiveness. Sweeping the competition in an online environment only sparked his desire to become the best player in the world.

This strong aspiration to become the best of the best is what drives most athletes and enables them to achieve incredible results. Still, only a small percentage can brag with the “world champion” title.

Holz, however, managed to turn his dream into reality at the early age of 22. At the 2016 World Series of Poker in Vegas, the German “wunderkind” outplayed 183 poker professionals and brought home over $5 million.

Obviously, this took all of his opponents, as well as the general public, by surprise. Everyone wanted to know how Fedor Holz managed to master poker in such a short period of time. Everyone wanted to learn about and replicate Fedor’s poker strategy. True to his character, Holz revealed his secret to success to everyone. Going a step further, he now dedicates his career to teaching others how to replicate his success.

“Primed Mind”

It’s no secret that becoming the best poker player in the world was Holz’s goal from the get-go. However, after winning the WSOP tournament in 2016, Holz stated in an interview that he wasn’t exactly brimming with happiness. After a few months of reflecting back on his success, he realized that it was “all about the journey.”

Now that he’s earned the title of the best professional poker player in the world, there’s little more he can gain from poker, in Holz’s opinion. Consequently, Holz announced his retirement from poker and decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

But Fedor Holz isn’t your typical millionaire. He didn’t simply invest money into real estate, or something along those lines, and went on to live out the rest of his life spending the money he had earned. Quite the contrary, he founded a company called “Primed Mind,” with the goal of helping others reach their goals.

“Primed Mind” was built on the concept of a personal mindset coach. However, it translates that experience into an audio series, easily accessible to anyone. Holz always highlights his unique mindset and a specific attitude towards the game as the key to his incredible success. Now, everyone will have the opportunity to “peer into the mind of the famous poker player and learn how to apply his knowledge to their own lives and careers.”

What’s interesting is that, when Holz talks about his poker achievements, he doesn’t emphasize card skills. Instead, he talks about general terms which have a much broader application. We’ll give you a sneak peek at the mindset practice of Fedor Holz so you can get a better idea of what you will learn from this poker superstar. If his teachings resonate with you, we warmly recommend checking out “Primed Mind.”

Reflection Is Key

Regardless if you play poker or not, Holz’s mindset practice will undoubtedly come in handy. The thing he holds in the highest regard is reflection. In the world of poker, this refers to closely analyzing your previous games and always searching for ways to improve.

This requires an enormous amount of time, dedication, as well as an analytical approach to the game. However, it more than pays off, as you can see when you look at Fedor Holz’s achievements.

He believes this is the fastest, if not the only way to truly improve and become the best at what you do. And once you develop a habit of constantly reviewing your past results and constantly searching for new ways to improve and become more efficient, your skills will improve dramatically.

He also believes each of us needs to learn how to “become a better loser.” Instead of agonizing over our failures, we should focus on what we can learn from each “loss.” This, however, will require you to distance yourself from your ego; admitting that you’ve made the wrong play, or that you’ve made a mistake at the workplace is easier said than done.

Still, that’s what it takes to perfect your skills, according to Holz. If you look at your performance from a couple of months ago and think: “I was so horrible back then,” it only means you’ve come a long way since then.

Among other things, humility is what helped Holz get so good so fast. He didn’t have a problem admitting to himself that he’s bad at the game, as funny as that might sound in hindsight. But constantly striving to become better and being objective about where you are at the moment is crucial.


Discipline is another category necessary to reach peak performance in both card games, sports, and professional life. It’s not enough to want to become the best. You must be fully committed and willing to invest a significant amount of time, energy, and effort before you start seeing real results.

It’s precisely this lack of willpower that prevents most of us from reaching our full potential. Whereas Holz’s teachings and guidance provide you with encouragement, you will need to work hard to reach the level of self-discipline the German poker superstar possesses.

When he first started out, Holz spent four straight weeks playing poker with his friends. They would discuss and analyze every single play of every single round in order to discover which areas they needed to improve on, and how.

Obviously, most people don’t have the luxury of playing poker 12 hours a day for a month. But that’s not the message Holz is trying to send anyway. He merely suggests that you must consciously work towards honing your skills seven days a week; even if it’s for 15 minutes a day.

Once it becomes a habit, you will no longer feel it’s something exhausting. On the contrary, you will be inspired, if not borderline obsessed with sub-consciously finding new ways of becoming the best at what you do.

A Boost of Motivation

Although Holz will no longer compete in professional poker tournaments, he didn’t exactly leave poker behind. In fact, he utilizes his knowledge of the card game and human psychology to this day. For example, knowing how to “read” people has enabled him to hire qualified, ambitious, confident employees and ensure the steady growth of his company.

And that’s precisely what Holz’s mindset comes down to. It’s not about online poker, high roller tournaments, winning a ton of money, and appearing on the headlines of poker news. For Holz, poker is simply a game that he likes, which allowed him to leverage his critical way of thinking and analytical approach and improve himself as a person.

As we said, “Primed Mind” isn’t focused on the popular card game in the slightest. Instead, Holz teaches how his mindset practice can be applied in nearly all day-to-day situations. If you feel like you need a boost of motivation, Holz’s app might just be what you’re looking for.

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