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Fedor Holz’s winnings, experience, and performance in WSOP tournaments is a topic that deserves detailed and serious study. And not only because of the numbers! The sum of money he has won is stunning, especially taking into account the time he spent achieving these results. It might seem that his success came too fast and maybe too easily, but only Fedor Holz knows how tough it was, and how much effort it cost him.

The WSOP is World Series of Poker live tournaments annually held in Las Vegas, US. WSOP International Circuit tournaments are also held around the world in a variety of top casinos.

In the poker world, WSOP is like the Stanley Cup in hockey — the most prestigious and the highest-ranking competition. The winner’s name is etched into history and remains there forever. Of course, WSOP is for serious guys! The best professional poker players compete here. That is why Fedor Holz only began to take part when he knew he had spent enough time in other live tournaments and world championships of online poker, finally gaining the experience and confidence he needed.

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WSOP 2015

His time came in 2015 when he first appeared at the Event #14 of the 46th Annual World Series of Poker tournament, $1,500 buy-ins, No Limit Hold’em Shootout. On June 4, 2015, he became the 99th, earning a decent prize of $5,413 — but this was almost nothing considering his previous earnings, especially such big ones as $1,300,000 in online WCOOP tournament in 2014 and other big wins earlier.

But Fedor was full of determination as he was already on the grind. In 2015, he took part in many other WSOP events. Look at the list of Fedor Holz winnings in different tournaments:

Tournament/Event WSOPDatePlaceEarnings
Event #14 NLH Shootout
$1,500 buy-in
Event #30 NLH
$1,000 buy-in
Event #37 NLH 6-handed Championship
$10,000 buy-in
Event #68 NLH Main Event — World Championship
$10,000 buy-in
Event #8 NLH Turbo (re-entry)
€1,100 buy-in
Event #10 NLH High-Roller
€25,600 buy-in

As we see he never became a champion in 2015. Also, he only got the 3rd place; and he got the 6th place once, as well. All his other attempts were much further from the top ten. And what’s more — his overall 2015 WSOP victories amounted to be about a half of what he gained in 2014 WCOOP, playing online ($1’300,000).

However, he still won some good money, doing much better than many other competitors; becoming ever more skillful and confident from one event to another. Besides, Fedor did get some experience with stress-absorbing, pressure-handling, and self-control — all very crucial issues for high-roller professionals playing poker games in live tournaments. All of this had a “cumulative” effect, which led Fedor to get much better results in years to come.

WSOP 2016

The results of Fedor Holz’s participation in live WSOP tournaments in 2016 were much more impressive. Here they are:

Tournament/Event WSOPDatePlaceEarnings
Event #10 NLH 6-handed $1,500 buy-in2016/06/0818th$17,380
Event #21 NLH 6-handed $3,000 buy-in 2016/06/1447th$8,716
Event #59 NLH
$5,000 buy-in
Event #67 High-Roller for One Drop - $111,111 NLH
$111,111 buy-in
(bracelet won)

It took Fedor Holz 6 appearances in WSOP live events in 2015 and 4 appearances in 2016 to become #1 and to win the world series of poker bracelet – the highest award in the world of poker!

Yet, given his overall performance in 2015-2016, this result may seem an anomaly, a peak, a short winning streak – whatever – because poker is, after all, just a game of chance. Of course, you may well think so; but the persistence, thoroughness and hard work of CrownUpGuy should not be underestimated. That is why so many people around the world are interested in him and his extraordinary career — because it is an excellent example of how proper work can and does lead to a well-deserved income.

WSOP 2018

After announcing his retirement from the grinding poker career, Fedor Holz still continued to appear in high-roller tournaments, although not as often as before. His results for 2018 were the following:

Tournament/Event WSOPDatePlaceEarnings
Event #5 $100,000 NLH High Roller
$100,000 buy-in
Event #78 The Big One for One Drop - $1,00,000 NLH $1,000,000 buy-in2018/07/152nd$6,000,000

The latter results do not need to be explained. They are an excellent answer to those who believe in luck, in chance and in nothing else, to gain what we want. The whole history of Fedor Holz’s performance in WSOP tournaments describes him as a well-trained, hard-working professional, and a real warrior; one who, despite his young age, is already a mature fighter, who can cope with all the ups and downs of his career, while continuing to take on the most difficult challenges!

That is why it is so exciting to watch him pursue his poker and off-poker agendas in the years to come. He still has plenty of time to surprise his devoted audience!

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