Fedor Holz Modeling Experience for a Clothing Line

ferod holz clothing line

Fedor Holz is a German, currently living in Austria; and he’s a poker genius! Still a young man under 30, he has made a fortune winning many high-roller live tournaments, as well as some fantastic ones online. Poker has brought him over $30,000,000 within an incredibly short period of 4-5 years. And like many successful poker professionals, he has decided to invest in a business. This was apparently a good, well-weighed and reasonable decision. Just the standard practice of any normal person who has managed to gain some money they can invest!

But we should not call Fedor Holz a normal person in the ordinary, commonplace sense of these words. He clearly is a quite outstanding young man! Not to mention, one of the brightest minds of our time as well! This has already been amply demonstrated by his poker playing. But we should also now expect Holz, or CrownUpGuy, as he had nicknamed himself, to give full sway to his brilliant intellect with some epic business success! He is only testing the waters of business so far, but we should still take a closer look at what he’s doing – so we can get an idea of what to expect from him in the future!

Teaming up with Patrik Antonius for a Line of Clothing

Patrik Antonius is another poker legend, tennis player and coach, and a model, sometimes called “the sexiest poker player on the planet.” He was born in Finland, but he currently lives in Monte-Carlo. Patrik Antonius as Noëtics Cash Game face and  Fedor Holz as Hood´s Tournament face form together a brilliant team. Quite logically, the line is positioned “for poker players” – as if there are specific “poker” clothing requirements. But maybe there are! Or, if there are not, then maybe it’s time to make some up!  This is, of course, the standard logic of the market positioning of any new line of products and of any new brand. Nothing extraordinary here, as it might seem. It is nothing new to see poker players who promote clothing and try to become fashion models, after all.

The brand Holz and Antonius started to promote targets high-stakes poker players. Patrik Antonius has even filmed in a respective commercial. Clothing of casual style and best quality. The items are quite costly. For example, the t-shirts cost around $80, and this disappointed some of many Holz’s fans around the world. His “lucky wristbands” for about $40 each were especially irritating for some people. Which is also quite common – some rich celebrities have also launched a new business in luxury segments of a market chosen: accessories, garment etc. But we know that Fedor Holz is an extraordinary guy. CrownUpGuy. That is why there must be something that is really very special about his clothing modeling with Patrik Antonius. What is it?

Noëtics Controversies

This clothing brand is called “Noëtics” which is, so to say, a science on how our beliefs, mindset, and intentions have an influence on the physical world around us, and which influence it is. Just think about it a little. Probably only a man who openly admits that his fantastic success was only due to his deep and intense mindset practice could become the face of a brand under such a name. And also, someone who wanted to change something in this world by letting people know more about the power of the human mind.

His clothing brand targets both men and women. The line is somewhat short so far, including five hoodies, two t-shirts, and one wristband. People might be a bit surprised with the “Ladies Casual” hoodie, seemingly too large but still pretty stylish, for around $200.

The same can be said of his “Purple River Pro” hoodie, worth nearly $250, which some have called “shapeless” and “poor taste.” People have even spoken of this collection as a “big disgrace.”

Just a Bad Idea for a Clothing Line?

Knowing Fedor Holz, we can safely assume that this is not the case; purely because he is too smart for such things – he is the kind of person you’d expect to have a good plan, founded upon carefully weighing up the opportunities and the risks involved. Finally, he is a poker player, which also means that he must be hiding more than he is exposing. And he has something else in mind too. Something that other people would see later. Some kind of hidden agenda. What kind of agenda it could be?

Probably, it was just an attempt to claim territory, and not necessarily in the modeling business. Maybe modeling is only the means to manifest the idea of noëtics, as we remember the meaning of the term. And this high-priced, limited handmade line, which is really quite controversial, and thus widely discussed in the media, could be just the best possible way to attract attention to the very concept of noëtics – the concept Fedor Holz appreciates so much. He definitely must have some more ideas and plans for this clothing line!

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